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Who are we?

We (TrainCan At Amore Paradise (TrainCan) - 我能:爱情的故事!) have a series of match-making activities to match wonderful people like you to one of the Forbes list multi-billionaires, their family members or associates. You name it and we will try to match it for you. This is founded by a Malaysian, Hui-Shin Wong on 28th August 2019 through World Wide Web (WWW) or Internet.

Just tell us your true self; be honest! No need to hide and no need to be humble as well as no need to be shy to tell us why you are deserve to be matched to a "billionaire", i.e. one of the Forbes list billionaires, their family members or their associates.

In order to gain traction for investment fund to build the Artificial Intelligence (AI) cum Applied Virtual Understanding System (VUS) features at all train stations and trains worldwide for "-Match-To-Forbes-List-Billionaire matchmaking program-", TrainCan At Amore Paradise must cultivate the worldwide people in tradition and culture of match-making. Visit our Facebook page here at

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Three Types of TrainCan At Amore Paradise Membership

Ordinary Membership (It is USD 30,000 per membership currently and formerly, it was free!)

The Ordinary Membership for you all who have no connection to Forbes List Billionaires, their family members and their associates is free previously at TrainCan At Amore Paradise. Kindly fill in the Ordinary Membership Registration Form!.

VIP and VVIP Membership

VIP Membership is charging up front upon your registration at USD 30,000; for example: You are Forbes list billionaire, Bill Gates's employee in Malaysia. You just need to upload your Microsoft employment ID during your time of registration and you can enroll a VIP Membership. For VVIP Membership, it is for Forbes list billionaires and their family members such as a VVIP for Bill Gates when he is still a single or Bill Gates is married with 4 children and each of his child will be entitled a VVIP Membership. The enrollment fees for VVIP Membership would be a private discussion between founder and Chief Cupid of TrainCan At Amore Paradise, Hui-Shin Wong and the prospect VVIP members. You can register a PayPal account with your email and handphone number. All transaction will be done through PayPal. For VIP Membership registration and VVIP membership registration, please click here!!

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TrainCan At Amore Paradise (TrainCan - 我能:爱情的故事!)

Mission: To form a humane, wonderful and better world through cultivating the quality next generation

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